rated G: this preview has been approved for all audiences

ever since the orlando blume movie  elizabethtown sauntered into my life long about eleventh grade i’ve been utterly enamored by the concept of road trips.

last summer driving west on I-40 from north carolina to california cemented this love affair completely.

that being said, ben and i are driving to milwaukee, wisconsin this week; making a pit stop in grand rapids, michigan.

(and yes, we do know that grand rapids is no where near ‘on the way’ to milwaukee, but it’s a heck of a lot closer to milwaukee than to bluefield!)

so on the horizon for this week is a road trip, a visit with grandma betty, and a job interview.  yep.  a job interview.  in wisconsin. the  land of the cheese and the home of greenbay.

you may consider this blog a trailer to our lives.  coming soon to a computer screen near you.

pray for us friends – we head out on thursday!


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