sunny days

sunny days

today a lady at the bank asked me when i was getting married.  i told her may, and then as i wrote my check i realized that this is april.  wowzers!  i never expected it to go this fast!

this past weekend was beautiful.  i was filled with wonder and joy as ben and i celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with my family and our family at Wade.  friday night the after school kids helped put on a good friday service for the church, the after school families, and the community of Bluefield.  the turnout was great – especially since this is the first year we’ve done anything like this – and the kids did a superb job!  it was such a blessing to see on stage how God is working in each of their little hearts.

the children's choir

they sang: "goodbye world, i stay no longer with you...i've made up my mind to go God's way for the rest of my life." precious.

this is one of the first graders. she is the sweetest little girl. i love teaching Bible with her class, she loves Jesus so much! she had a solo in the program, "oh i want to see Him, the look upon His face..."

this week is mercer county’s spring break, which, despite the snow days they still took.  spring break for the kids means no wade for me, leaving me more time to focus on my own school and work on wedding stuff – yay!

yesterday, my mom, my grandmother, amanda and i went on a marathon wedding shopping day.  we pounded out about half of those lovely little details in one day!  hobby lobby (a craft store of epic proportions) proved to be an absolute Godsend!   4 hours and three sunshine filled shopping carts later, we had a wedding reception minus food and people in the back of the car. oh yeah.

this week, ben is gone with the high school students from Wade on a spring break trip to visit colleges in the southeast.  pray for him as he has this awesome opportunity to invest in these kids lives on a four-day trip.  pray for their safety as they drive, and pray for everyone’s sanity on their fun day to Six Flags.

grace and peace,


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