we take root

we take root

we are just-shy of the two-week mark as wisconsinites, and we love it!   life is finally starting to feel slightly normal…at least as normal as we would ever wish for it to be.

i haven’t had a chance to update at all since we moved, so this could be an extensive or multi-volumed entry.

the moving experience itself wasn’t too bad.  we managed to not get lost and avoid all traffic except around indianapolis; considering how many larger cities (chicago…) we had to drive through, i feel like that’s a pretty good record!   my portion of the moving experience was slightly frustrating because of my gimpy-burned-hand state.  really stinky.  i couldn’t drive, couldn’t lift boxes, couldn’t do anything really.  it’s amazing how vital both hands really are.  but when we finally arrived in milwaukee, that didn’t really matter because our wonderful (again, for emphasis, wonderful!) church had gathered a team of about 15 people to help us unpack and organize.  awesome.  the church also proceeded to amply stock our fridge and pantary…again, awesome.

we moved in on 4th of July weekend, which made for an exciting first few days.  we took the opportunity to check out the touristy side of our new city by showing tyler around the public market, miller park/brewery, and (of course) going to get frozen custard.   we checked out the fireworks…twice and continued to try to get to know some people in our new hometown; quite successfully i may add.

my hand healed up pretty quickly (praise the Lord!) so we were able to get a lot of unpacking and organizing done this past week.  at last count we only had 3 boxes left…not counting the christmas decorations.  the church has been extremely generous furnishing us with everything from bookshelves to curtains, the house is really starting to feel like home.

on the job front, ben has been offered one job working in sales.  the benefits are great, but he would be working lots and lots of hours, which isn’t exactly condusive to bi-vocational ministry, living in community, or trying to build a new marriage. so we’re praying for wisdom and guidance about what to do next with that opportunity.

i found out yesterday that i have a job working at the limited at a mall about five minutes away from our house.  yay!  it’s a great location, the store is just now opening, and retail should be super flexible with working in the church as well.  God is such a God of provision!

we’re really starting to feel connected nestled within our community of the church here.  making friends, going to small group…doing crazy hip-hop exercise videos in peoples living rooms 🙂

please be in prayer for our VBS next week.  the church is hoping to see 100 kids from the church/community show up at the house for backyard Bible club each night.  pray for kids to come, for their hearts to be open and for adult volunteers to come too!

continue to pray also for ben and i as we continue to transition…it’s been a pretty smooth one so far, we feel very blessed.  pray for me, as i start at the limited on friday and for ben as we are still seeking what job may be the best fit for him.

more to come…


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