field trip

field trip

if a pumpkin bisque recipe hasn’t satisfied your craving for a megan westra written blog (or even if it has)  i’m also guest blogging today over on our church’s blog.

i talk about spiritual things over there instead of pumpkin and kale and how to cook without refined sugar.

and someone edits those posts, which means that i actually sound good and make sense.

check it out!  —> click here! <—

it’s a whole different side of this crazy life that i lead in the name of the greatest Love i’ve ever known.



  1. Brianna on December 17, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    Hello! After Jason read this in his sermon, I determined that I simply must find it. And so, I did. Not to feed your “habit,” but…I approve. This is really, really beautiful.

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