“i should really write”


the thought has been playing over and over in my mind for months.  somewhere around five of them to be exact.


and i haven’t written.


but i feel like i should.  like i need to.  like there is more left for me to say.


like it or not, i now find myself in the position of  a “momma blogger”.


birth stories.  glowing reviews of cloth diapers.   organic vs. conventional debates.  adorable photos.  tart words about conflicting parenting styles. you’re familiar with that scene i’m sure.


but that is not who i want to be.

yes, i will tell you my birth story.

yes, there will be adorable photos from time to time.


but my voice is for so much more.


“mother” – while a huge aspect – is only one aspect of who i am.

i want to be intentional about preserving and sharing the other aspects as well.


the part of me that is a wife.

the part of me that is a pastor.

the part of me that is a neighbor.

that is a trainer.

that is a musician.

that is filled with wide-eyed wonder as she ponders the world.


i’ve been spending a lot of time lately praying and thinking about what i should write about, what direction should i take this blog as i return from my five month self-established maternity leave.

so this is a post, to tell you i’m still here.  still alive.  still thinking.

and still discerning where to go from here.




5 thoughts on “discerning

  1. wahooo i was worried that you where kidnapped by aliens or something.. Actually signed on to my computer to send you a comment to say you really needed to post something…. Miss it and you, and your daughter, and I guess even your shortie.. Holla at cha l8

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