By Megan Westra / June 17, 2012 /

“i should really write”   the thought has been playing over and over in my mind for months.  somewhere around five of them to be exact. and i haven’t written.   but i feel like i should.  like i need to.  like there is more left for me to say.   like it or…

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field trip

By Megan Westra / November 17, 2011 /

if a pumpkin bisque recipe hasn’t satisfied your craving for a megan westra written blog (or even if it has)  i’m also guest blogging today over on our church’s blog. i talk about spiritual things over there instead of pumpkin and kale and how to cook without refined sugar. and someone edits those posts, which…

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a trainers thoughts on labor and delivery (pre-labor)

By Megan Westra / November 14, 2011 /

it’s a good monday morning. which, i know, is a complete oxymoron for some; so i’m feeling pretty blessed. i’m cranking my most eclectic itunes mix (really, everything from the soweto gospel choir to the civil wars, rick astley to ziggy marley, it’s quite the jam) i just had the most fantastic scrambled eggs i’ve…

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By Megan Westra / October 16, 2011 /

it’s been a crazy few weeks. new building. kid’s ministry fall kickoff. conferences. but today, we just found peace. in a cornfield. i feel so midwestern.

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By Megan Westra / September 16, 2011 /

i have a real hankering. several of them actually. i have a real hankering to finish this crazy upcycling project i started last spring involving an old door and chalkboard paint. i have a real hankering to take a nap. but i’m pregnant, so what else is new? i have a real hankering to make homemade bread, just so…

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it's not perfect…but it doesn't get much better.

By Megan Westra / September 8, 2011 /

today starts off something like this around the westra household: – i wake up after eleven, yes, eleven consecutive hours of sleep to a day as wide open and full of potential as a new canvas. – steel-cut oats, real maple syrup, early apples and almonds for “breakfast”. – shawn mcdonald pours out of my speakers.…

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meditations for the new month

By Megan Westra / September 1, 2011 /

happy september everybody! it’s so crazy to think about how quickly the months are blowing by, it seems like just yesterday it was may and ben and i were just finding out we were going to be parents…now january seems to be creeping up on us at a pace that would make speedy gonzalez proud. today…

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By Megan Westra / August 30, 2011 /

your daily underwear selection is a big deal. at least, i think so. underwear can make you feel sexy or happy, confident or smart (don’t underestimate the power of plaid panties), sporty or matronly, or like you’re pms-ing big time. it’s a big decision. how do you feel today? i keep my undies organized by mood,…

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good days don't involve real pants.

By Megan Westra / August 26, 2011 /

i dusted the other day. this may not be of any notable value in your home, but for me, it’s amazing. usually i dust right around the time that one of the bunnies threatens to eat a child. that’s just how i roll. but you see, i made this nifty little schedule a couple of weeks back…

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Who is this guy?

By Megan Westra / August 24, 2011 /

So I’m not Megan. When Meg and I originally talked about doing a “blog”, we were both going to write in it and post certain things. Then we realized a few different things. 1. I’m not exactly a gifted writer. Actually, I didn’t even write papers in school myself until i was 17. I dictated…

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